National Service Log book 06-23-19

National Service Log Book

June 23, 2019

Called to order at 20:32 EST

1. Roll Call

Evil Present

Dotson Present

Psych Present

Red sited prior engagement

Vato settling in with move

Fitty Present

Bum Present

Kush Present

Guest: Daveas Paleto Bay Enforcer, Matt Pillbox President 

2. Major Points

a. Donations have been agreed upon by majority of members, so we will go forward with this system starting in July. Suggested is $5/month but if you have to give more or less its understood, just reach out to Evil if you are in a pinch a given month. Funds will support club maintenance, upcoming projects, contest and helping brothers when in need.

b. If you are not a patch member and have an instagram account, you cannot mention the club in your name or bio. c. New videos are being posted on YouTube regularly, make sure you watch them, like them, share them and show love...its a club duty, plus Evil and others are working their asses off on them. 

d. Make sure you vote on Photo Contest this coming week, polls are open until Saturday night at midnight EST.

3. Dotson (National Vice President) Report

a. No report

4. Psych (National Warlord) Report

a. Support for donations because Evil puts a lot of time and money b. Do not seek fights in public lobby, support members if a fight breaks off. But in case of fight, follow the guerrilla in the lobby.

5. Bum (National Treasurer) Report

a. If you need help making money setting up for Casino DLC hit bum up to make some money b. Photo contest is midnight tonight

6. Fitty (National Secretary) Report

a. Support for donations because Evil puts a lot of time and money

b. Site in nearly 100% done, Red Dead site will be done soon.

c. Photo Contest elections will be up on Monday or Tuesday

d. Overview of Secretary role

7. Kush (National Tailgunner) Report

a. no report

8. Daveas (Enforcer) Paleto Bay Charter Report

a. Thanks so much for contributions from Pillbox and National table, to fill table spots at Paleto table. b. Flume stepped off, so an available spot is at the table, contact slack and joker if interested (SGT at Arms is open but must be a guerrilla)

c. New weekly service time on Mondays at 8:30pm

9. Matt (President) Pillbox Hill Charter Report

a. Clean up table so that members can really earn their spots

b. Working with Fitty on some proposals that he will talk about soon.

10. Membership Review

a. Evil puts forward a motion to recommend Jax (Pillbox) and Dev (Paleto) for full patch membership

b. Table voted unanimously in favor of the motion for both Jax and Dev to get their patches.

c. Dev accepted the offer for full patch in the Paleto Bay Chapter on June 23, 2019

d. Jax not present to accept patch at service, table is currently reaching out to him.

11. Upcoming Events

a.  Photo contest elections.

Called adjourned at 21:20 EST

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