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Gorilla Kings


The roots of Gorilla Kings trace back to our founder and National President Evil’s time in the MC community.  Originally in a strong club, Payback Row MC, Evil starting as a mere prospect, he moved on to become a full patch member and then progressed to Treasurer; Enforcer of their Mother Chapter, and eventually to the number 2 spot as Vice President of a chapter. Evil decided he wanted to contribute something bigger to the MC community of GTA and that it was time to strike out on his own.


With just a few loyal friends in tow, Evil decided to start his own national presence and The Gorilla Kings Motorcycle Club was born on August 29, 2017.


It was quickly noticeable that the Gorillas were building something different than anything that had been seen before in the MC community and members from all over the globe began to flock to GKMC for its simple rules, and money based focus. Patch overs from other clubs, folks brand new to motorcycle culture and everyone in between started finding their place in the ranks of GKMC.


Its been several years and the MC community has gone through some serious up and downs but because of the clubs commitment and high level of organization, it has been able to sustain and even thrive. Are you Gorilla material?

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