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PROSPECTING Western Bagger

You have decided you’d like to become more than just a Hangaround? What's the next step? Prospect. Well, OK, let's get you set up! As a prospect, certain things will be expected of you, more than a hang around you will need to prove your desire to join this family. This is an exclusive, growing club and we don’t let just anyone in. If you’re looking for a quick patch and no rules, try IGN. 

You will be assigned a sponsor who will be your go-to for any questions about the club and what is expected of you. You, of course, are expected to meet and build relationships with as many MC members as possible, but your sponsor is responsible to keep you on track. You et to ride a bike with the crew now, but you're still earning the best bikes. Until you get the full patch, you'll be riding the western bagger.


If you haven't already make sure you go ahead and add PSN: GKMC-RECRUITING as a friend, along with the whole friend's list. GKMC-Recruiting is a profile set up with all current members, hangarounds, and prospects to make sure everyone has the most up to date list. Your Prospect Manager is The National Secretary, Lush (PSN:Lush_LCSK )

Prospects Social Clubs.png

Acceptable attire for the crew is the black cut (#77 in the cuts menu) with the Prospect patch on the back. Get with a member to get set up if you have any questions. Prospects are now allowed to ride with the club but are in the very back of the formation. Prospects are allowed to ride the WESTERN BAGGER ONLY.                   You may also still be asked to drive a Rumpo custom or Gang Burrito in black or crew color.

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What is expected from a Prospect?


As a Prospect the expectations for you increase for you and you must show every desire to want to wear this full patch on your back. There is little room for error while going through your prospecting period with the club.

  • No killing of brothers and sisters unless approved by a table member, other than in-game appropriate modes, like death matches or the like.


  • Add all members and prospects, and play with them whenever possible.


  • No passive mode. ever.


  • We ride in formation when not in missions, and whenever possible. Other vehicles are OK during missions if they help with the mission.


  • We never draw first blood. we attack only if attacked upon.


  • We never ride on the back of each other's bikes, unless it's your significant other. They are clear to ride on the back of the bikes


  • Respect the chain of command. go to the appropriate person with issues. The president is your last stop. The VP, Enforcer, Warlord, Tail Gunner or Road Captain (in that order) should be there to help and handle anything that comes up.


  •  You ride with us, you wear approved gear. with the appropriate patch, and you rep our crew first and foremost. Our crew tag has to be your default.


  • Follow the rules of engagement (while not in missions). No mini-guns, no rocket launchers, no explosives.


  • Blatant disrespect, sexism, racism, or any other type of ism will not be tolerated. Ever.


  • Never ask how long your hangaround will last. we want dedication, not patch-whores.


  • Missing service is not a good idea. It can be excused with a valid reason sent to your Enforcer. Keep in mind if you miss service without a valid reason it is held against you during your prospect review.


  • We are a club built on fun and comradery. We joke and kid around, but it's from a place of good-natured love. We also know when to stop. If at any time the ribbing gets out of hand, it will be addressed. when we deal with or ride with other clubs, best behavior is expected.


  • Keep the sex jokes and aggressive locker room talk to a minimum. No gay comments. No belittling women. this is a safe space to game and have a good time.


  • In the spirit of good sportsmanship and brotherhood members must show respect toward other members, respect the chain of command, and game on a mature level.


  • Gorillas curse, smoke, drink, and tell dirty jokes. Adult subject matter is prevalent in the world of R*. No Children are allowed.


  • Gorillas only take bounties from other gorillas with permission. If the permission is granted, the killer must offer all of the bounty back to the killed party. they can take 100 percent or 50 percent and get their kill back. The killer should be the highest ranking Gorilla in session.


  • Crew killing intentionally will result in a free kill from each person in the lobby. 


  • Intentionally failing missions, or destroying product will result in everyone in the lobby getting a free kill 


  • If a member dies at the hands of another player in a lobby, it's your duty to get to them and assist without hesitation. we arent a war crew, But we do not EVER let a member killing go unanswered.


  • When doing sells, its expected that Hangarounds and Prospects do the delivery, if none are available, patched members should do the sells, followed by table members, Guerrillas, National and then Silverbacks.


  • Gorillas earn everything.


  • Gorillas follow the order of rank when pertaining to sales. Table members first, patched second, prospects third, hangarounds last


  • Gorillas save the aggressive shit talking and harassment for random players and rival crews


  • Gorillas do not use hacks, mods, or cheats. This style of gameplay is not tolerated in the club.


  • Gorillas are required to set R* Social Club Linked Accounts visibility to friends and crew.


  • Any and all violations of these rules can result in loss of prospect status.


  • These rules are subject to change at any time, so check back often to keep updated.

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