National Service Log book 06-30-19

National Service Log Book

June 30, 2019

Called to order at 20:34 EST

1. Roll Call

Evil Present

Dotson Present

Psych Present

Red sited prior engagement

Vato settling in with move

Bum Present

Fitty Present

Kush Present

Guest: Slac Paleto Bay President, Luuti Pillbox Vice President 

2. Major Points

a. Happy Birthday Evil!!!

b. Morry (former Pillbox President who left on not so good terms) is looking to come back to the MC, he has to talk to pillbox and silverbacks for ok and if approved he will have to start as HA and earn trust again.

c. Recruitment is up, keep an eye on all the HAs

d. Photo contest was pretty good turnout, Evil reports on cash earned

e. We have also raised Ad money

f. Check out the Car mechanic stimulator game it's highly recommended (not multiplayer)

g. Red Dead presence is going well, GTA grinding is still happening as well

h. Dues collection will begin this month on the 15th and every month going forward. Funds raised will be used for projects, basic club expenses and to support club members when in need.

3. Dotson (National Vice President) Report

a. No report

4. Psych (National Warlord) Report

a. Car Mechanic simulator is good, buy if you can and join chats

b. National Event went pretty well this week, shoot ideas for future events

5. Bum (National Treasurer) Report

a. If you need help making money setting up for Casino DLC hit bum up to make some money b. Photo contest is midnight tonight

6. Fitty (National Secretary) Report

a. Posting on Reddit, we need some assistance, message Fitty if interested

b. Charters in addition to the notes you’ve been sending over, also send over event listing and flyers to post on site

c. Photo Contest results, please review winners on this page

7. Kush (National Tailgunner) Report

a. Feel free to reach out to Kush about any internal conflicts that you may need resolved or that you are observing might affect the club.

8. Slac (President) Paleto Bay Charter Report

a. GTA Grinding is going well

b. New Monday service time seems to be working well for most

c. Currently considering someone for the SGT table spot, so there may be some shifts occurring soon at Paleto table.

9. Luuti (Vice President) Pillbox Hill Charter Report

a. Morry situation will be reported on shortly

b. Pillbox has opened Road Captain position

c. Member activity has been good

10. Membership Review

a. no current Prospects up for review

b. a new batch of HAs are around though

11. Upcoming Events

a.  No events announced

Called adjourned at 21:06 EST

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