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Gorilla KingS

Motorcycle Club Bylaws



The name of the organization is Gorilla Kings Motorcycle Club, founded on August 29, 2017.


Section 1. Gorillas look after their own
Gorillas do not kill their own we are an organization based on brotherhood/sisterhood. We show allegiance to all that wear the patch and colors. We stand united because banded together we need not suffer the annoyance of being killed randomly or without retribution. 
Team-killing is strictly forbidden unless participating in PVP missions, death-matches, initiation ceremonies, training, etc. The Gorilla Kings operate as a team. We help each other rank up, unlock upgrades, win death-matches, complete awards, complete stunt jumps, improve skills and in general earn as much RP and GTA$ as possible.


Section 2. Gorillas never ride alone 
Gorillas ride together. If a member falls on the road, we wait and gather them up. If a member has to run an errand, we run escort. 
We ride in formation whenever and wherever possible. The highest ranking member in a pack assumes the leadership role of Road Captain. The Road Captain will ride behind the present table members, but in front of patched and prospects unless otherwise specified for tactical purposes. The pack rides at the most senior members' pace and in descending order of rank. Only members of that person's preferred sex may ride “bitch”.

Section 3. Gorillas never fight alone
Gorillas are obligated by the bond of brotherhood to aid one another in player versus player combat. Gorillas never abandon each other during a fight. We ride together, we fight together, to go against one of us is to go against all of us. 
Gorillas are avenged, if a Gorilla is attacked or killed, by rival or random, vengeance must be satisfied. All Gorillas present are obliged to unleash hell on behalf of the club and their brethren. 

Section 4. Gorillas never quit.
Never surrender. Never give up. Gorillas do not run away from fights, nor do we start them, we will, however, finish them. Try to always walk away with a positive K/D ratio. This will establish and uphold a fearsome reputation for all that wear the patch. Always try to finish the job even if you are the last one standing. Never back out of a job in progress unless the game glitches. Go down fighting or in a blaze of glory. We have a rep to uphold. Unless the ranking member on the lobby feels the fight is unwinnable, they are tryhards, glitchers, or overly abusive, then it is up to the ranking member to make the decision best for the club and find a new lobby.


Section 5. Gorillas use appropriate weaponry  
The GKMC use all standard weapons.  Handguns, ARs, Pump Shotguns, Tear Gas, and Molotov Cocktails. if you can legitimately buy it on the streets, you can usually use it.

Section 6. Gorillas ride like Gorillas (Ride or Die) 
The Gorilla Kings is an OMC, an Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Members must own and ride a bike that has the word Western or LCC in the name, no sports bikes. New approved vehicle lists, subject to change, you're approved IN MODERATION ONLY in friends/invite onlys lobbies to use anything at or below the following ranks. Pres/VP Menacer, Insurgent, and Nightshark. Table members: Technical or Caracara weaponised. Patched Members Trucks, all muscle cars and Vans: Karin Evron, Caracara 4x4, Kamacho, Contender, Guardian, Sandking xl, Bison, Sadler, Dubsta 6X6, and Slam van. Prospects: Bikes: Rat bike. Hangarounds: Rumpo custom Gang burrito. When representing the crew in public lobbies all members ride hangaround van, rat bike or classic western style motorcycles /
 custom choppers. 


Other club approved vehicles (for the sake of role-playing) include muscle cars, vans, off-road vehicles, and other mission-specific vehicles. Super-bikes and Super-cars are acceptable only for racing. Gorillas are Outlaw bikers, not clowns and hipsters. Dress like a badass (or dirt-bag);  This upholds the spirit of the outlaw biker subculture, enriches gameplay, and it looks fucking cool.


Section 7. Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill LCSK 
When a member of The Gorilla Kings all members must rep The Gorilla Kings, no other charter or crew. This underscores the entire point of riding with and representing a crew. This generates more RP for everyone, including the club. The _LCSK in the name is reserved for National Table Members Only


Represent the club with pride and respect.


Section 1. Gorillas pay their dues
Everyone pays the Gorilla's due, in gameplay that means putting in time and work. All Gorillas must participate in missions, sales, resupplies, and anything to help a brother or sister out. This improves combat ability, solidifies teamwork, and propagates our reputation as bad-asses.

Sales. When doing sales, it's expected that Hangarounds and Prospects do the delivery, if none are available, patched members should do the sales, followed by table members, Guerrillas, and Silverbacks. Gorillas follow the order of rank when pertaining to sales. Table members first, patched second, prospects third, hangarounds last.

Section 2. Prospecting
All members must be vetted and endure the trial of being a Prospect. The Gorilla Kings MC is exclusive, you must hang around and then be invited by leadership. While prospecting, members must exhibit the tenet set forth in the crew motto; The Gorillas Look After Their Own. We Lie, Cheat, Steal and Kill. LCSK.

Prospects must ride the WESTERN BAGGER only, until they make Full Patch.


Prospects must also exhibit skill in driving (especially motorcycles), marksmanship, and melee.


Prospects require the approval of the entire table to patch in. You will be reviewed each week, starting your 2nd full week. If after 3 review periods, a full month as a prospect, you haven't patched in, you will be up for release. One member must sponsor the prospect, assigned by the National President. The prospect is then drummed into the club by the Enforcer. The majority of the entire table must be present for the patch-in ceremony each goes in turn according to rank, one punch or shot at a time until the prospect falls, the prospect will then accept the invite to the club, and load back in. Then the secret ceremony starts. After the initiation, the prospect may wear any leather or denim cut and receive the patch. 


Section 3. Promotion
Table members will be voted in before taking a position, except by executive order by the President.



The patch is sacred, treat it as such. The Gorilla Kings Motorcycle Club official colors stand as Orange and Black.


The Top Rocker designates the member as one of The Gorilla Kings. The Gorilla visage strikes fear in the hearts of our enemies.

The MC brand designates status as a motorcycle club.


The Bottom Rocker designates territory. National represents the national chapter, covering the entire map. Other chapters will designate territories.



*Remember: It’s a game. Everyone has a good time.

In the spirit of good sportsmanship and brotherhood, members must show respect toward other members, respect the chain of command, and game on a mature level.


Gorillas curse, smoke, drink and tell dirty jokes. Adult subject matter is prevalent in the world of R*. No Children are allowed.


Gorillas only take bounties from other gorillas with permission. If the permission is granted, the killer must offer all of the bounties back to the killed party. they can take 100 percent or 50 percent and get their kill back. The killer should be the highest ranking Gorilla in session.


Crew killing intentionally will result in a free kill from each person in the lobby. 


Intentionally failing missions, or destroying product will result in everyone in the lobby getting a free kill.


If a member dies at the hands of another player in a lobby, it's your duty to get to them and assist without hesitation. we arent a war crew, But we do not EVER let a member killing go unanswered.

When doing sells, it's expected that Hangarounds and Prospects do the delivery, if none are available, patched members should do the sells, followed by table members, Guerrillas, and Silverbacks.


Gorillas follow the order of rank when pertaining to sales. Table members first, patched second, prospects third, hangarounds last.

Gorillas save the aggressive shit talking and harassment for random players and rival crews.


Gorillas do not use hacks, mods, or cheats. This style of gameplay is not tolerated in the club.

Any disputes are to be brought to National, to help mediate the issue.

Gorillas are required to set R* Social Club Linked Accounts visibility to friends and crew.

Gorillas must have vehicles set to "Friends and Crew". 


Leaving the club and reapplying will result in a fee of 10 US dollars a month for 6 months, and a duration

of hangaround for no less than 1 month, and prospecting of less than 2 months.  This is subject to Evil's



Violation of these bylaws may result in probation, demotion,

or dismissal from the club.



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