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Growing up in the tough suburbs of North Adelaide, Australia, Truck understood struggle from very early on. He also learned at a young age how to make a buck. Throughout his teens, he sold weed to all the youth of Adelaide and along with larceny charges he was in and out of detention centers. 


Eventually trying to go legit and get away from the streets, he started driving semi-trucks across Australia. Staying clean of illegal activity for a few years he got tired of making chump change and barely making ends meet. He had heard rumors of other drivers doing off the books work for organizations bringing in product into the country. 


Making connections it wasn’t too long before Truck started shipping major weight up and down the M1 Pacific Highway. Guns and coke from Brisbane and Heroine and Weed from Kimberley. Pushing the limits a bit too much he ended up getting stopped at a random checkpoint with millions of dollars in product in his truck, he had to escape and abandon the product which was confiscated by the authorities. 


The Pettingill family, the largest crime syndicate in Melbourne whom the product belong to, were obviously not happy and put out a hit on Truck. Reaching out to his old high school friend who worked at the Sydney docks, he was able to sneak on to a shipping crate out of Australia. It unloaded in San Andreas.


Working on the docks, trying to make a buck in a new country, it wasn’t long before Truck looked for some local people pushing weight. He got word of a local motorcycle club who received regular gun shipments from Europe. He made arrangements to meet them next time a shipment came in. He met the club's Tail Gunner who came by in a club van one early morning, a guy name Alfie.


Alfie eventually recruited Truck to start delivering their product directly to their clubhouse. At the same time Truck realized hitmen from the Pettingill family had come to Los Santos looking for him and with his new relationship with Alfie, he asked if he could lay low at the MC’s clubhouse. Connecting with all these foreign-born club members, Truck found a home with the Pillbox Charter of the Gorilla Kings MC. Then with Paleto and now serving as a GKMC Silverback


Most times you can find Truck hanging around the clubhouse smoking the best weed or spending his money on girls at the local strip club. 

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