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Born as John Cavanaugh, to a Lutheran Pastor and a devout Christian mother he grew up in a Lutheran Church in the Hills north of Harmony. A small but devout congregation, based in the rural community of Harmony, is who helped raise John. When he wasn’t in the Church he was on the back of a dirt bike riding up and down those Harmony hills.

Late one evening in his early teenage years John was headed home when he noticed a glow in the distance. Coming over the hill he saw the church up in flames. John tried to reach his parents but the Church was fully engulfed with everyone in it. After receiving severe burns on his hands and face John stood outside the church and watched it burn to the ground while listening to his parents scream from the basement, he felt helpless.

After emergency services arrived John retreated on his Manchez into the hills where he met up with an old biker. The man went by Wanbadi (pronounced wom buh dee which meant eagle in Lakota). He was a Vietnam Veteran who had been living off the back of a Bobber most of his post-war life until settling down in a cabin in the Hills of Harmony.

Swagg was born, as that’s all Wanbadi ever called John. Wanbadi had used a life full of per caps and disability checks to collect a junkyard full of old motorcycles and cars. Swagg would spend the next few years working on motorcycles and cars learning everything from Wanbadi.

Once Swagg turned 18 a life full of driving with no driving license, no registration, no insurance and speeding tickets caught up to him and he was arrested. After a short stint in prison, Swagg was released and started working as a confidential informant buying drugs for the police departments all over Los Santos.

Swagg, spending the majority of his time on his gargoyle it wasn’t long before he started hanging around other bikers in the city, including the Gorilla Kings. Swagg started hanging around the Gorilla Kings in February of 2019 and was patched in as prospect a few weeks later. After becoming a full patch member a Paleto Bay Chapter was opened up and Swagg was there for a week before being bumped up to National Road Captain of the Gorilla Kings MC.

Swagg has a fun personality and a live free attitude. He is always doing something wreckless on his bike. If he's not hanging around other club members he's out riding one of his bikes. Swagg is now currently serving on the Paleto Bay Table.

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