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Pillbox Hill President



From the West Midlands England with the blood of anglo-saxon running in his veins. Matt Hatter was raised to respect all and punish those who didn't. After many years of the lack of respect and sheer ugliness of his neighborhood with much crime, hatter got into the world of robbery and in some cases even worse. After a few years of that hatter grew more conscious of what he was doing and realized he wasn't raised that way and decided to leave his crew.

Upon leaving the crew boss put a price on Hatter. But that didn't bold well at all. As each member of that crew came for Hatter, even when they didn't come alone. Hatter dealt with them accordingly and treated them as they deserved with a wrench through the skull or a bullet in the neck. Hatter became wanted for numerous crimes including the murder of his ex-crew men, so he decided to uses all the money he had and pay his way across the pond to the united states. Eventually skipping from place to place doing whatever needed to survive hatter found himself in Los Santos and soon realized its potential.


He did some work here and there, but when the lost mc found word of a guy working for cheaper than what they did and stealing work from them things started to get nasty and beat up hatter and were about kill him when he was saved. Saved by mone other than another mc. Hatters eyes were blurred and could only see a glimpse of orange and black. It was the gorilla kings. Hatter was offered a place in the club as hangaround, he jumped at the chance. Its the least he could do to repay Evil, President of the Gorilla Kings.


After times Hatter grew into the club getting patched in and then gained a table spot as an enforcer for a new charter that opened up. The Pillbox hill charter. Eventually, after being promoted to sergeant at arms and having his guerrilla status, it wasn't long before the Pillbox curse came into effect, taking its third president. It was time for a change. Hatter got the job as president and vowed to keep the curse at bay by any means necessary, but would take his time and do things as they should be with the respect he was taught growing up. And as The_Matt_Hatter always says to his charter nice and easy.

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