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The National Warlord



What can you say about Dirty Dotson? He’s a very loyal man. Loyal but explosive. Dotson's life started out in Vice City where he was born and raised by his father Timothy Dotson who was head of the Vice City Gang task force. Not much is known of Dotson's mother, he never speaks of her. We do know she passed away from an overdose at a very young age.

As soon as he turned 18 he joined the Vice City Police department and began making a name for himself. Within 6 years he has solidified himself as a gunslinger by winning the VCPD Shooting Competition each year of his service. Dotson had become one of the best in all of Vice City with the highest arrest record in the state. Eventually, Timothy, bursting with pride began talking to him about being on the Gang Task Force. Dotson was excited and felt honored to the idea of him working under his dad.

His first case was one his dad had worked for a long time. This case had haunted him for the past 29 years… a case that was meant to take down "Big" Mitch Baker, the leader of the Vice City Bikers. Mitch Baker was a 70-year-old male who had started the gang back in the 80’s and held court over the crew since. Vice City Bikers were involved in the distribution of Meth and Heroin. Mitch Baker's Son Thomas was getting ready to take over the gang.

Timothy decided that it was time to make their move on the gang while they were in a state of change and take them all down. However...the best-laid plans of mice and men… unfortunately, the night before the raid was set to take place, Dotson's father was gunned down in front of his house. Everyone knew what happened. Everyone knew the Vice City Bikers has him killed.  Dotson was enraged. He headed directly to the station house to arm up for war. He was prepared to go to prison for impending crimes.


Before Dotson could leave the station, he was met by a Fib officer who told him that Thomas Baker was an informant and that Dotson was not allowed to touch him without losing his family. Dotson sat there and trying to comprehend his choices. He decided to get some air, driving his patrol car to the Vice City Biker Bar. He waited in the parking lot for what felt like an eternity before he made his mind up. He hung his badge on the rearview mirror and went inside. Dotson entered, and pulled his gun. Without hesitation, he began taking them down one by one. In the back office, he found Thomas and Mitch. Thomas reached for his gold-plated handgun and soon found himself with a new hole through his throat.

Dotson stood in front of Mitch Baker who asked: "Who the fuck are you?" Dotson replied “The son of Timothy Dotson and I'm here to finish his last case “ before taking his shot and splitting Mitch’s head in half.

Dotson surveyed the damage and carnage he had wrought, sirens in the distance heading towards him. He grabbed a set of chopper keys and fled the scene. Dotson became a Nomad before joining PRMC in Los Santos. After a few years running a charter, Dotson felt the need for new challenges. He accepted a Warlord position working with  Evil a president of a local MC known as the Gorilla Kings. Dotson became the left hand of Evil and eventually oversaw his own squad of elite Guerrillas.



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