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The National advisor


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El Vato was born and raised in the streets of Los Santos, he knows and understands them probably better than most. Alongside his little brothers Slac and Beard, they learned the ropes and quickly became movers up and down Grove Street. Creating a reputation as young dudes who didn't take no shit.


He made his money selling guns to the local gangs and spent it just as fast on tequila, woman, bikes, and cars. Hence the nickname Borracho (drunk ass). Never affiliated he had respect from most of the street gangs throughout Los Santos, a respect he still leverages today.


His short temper, loyalty, and connections with the San Andreas gun trade made him the perfect prospect for the Gorilla Kings MC. Eventually patching in and moving real weight for the MC, El Vato was quickly noticed. Along with his natural talents, he had an understanding of the club rules and a dedication to upholding protocol, which made him a perfect fit for a table seat, eventually moving into his current rank as the National Enforcer of the Gorilla Kings MC.



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