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The National Tail Gunner



A man who arose from the darkness of Paleto Bay. AdelBane was familiar with the MC lifestyle, working with his brother in a charter when he was young but went Nomad for years. Until he decided that the ride was missing something, so as he looked for a place to call home he landed as a hang around in GKMC. With a recruitment ride with Vince, he knew this was where he wanted to be. AdelBane was patched into the Paleto Bay charter following his prospect period. He earned his first table spot as Secretary, then moved all the way up to Vice President of the charter, under Paleto President Kingsta. AdelBane would then take the step for a National Table position and join up with following Paleto Bay members, Swagg, Tunes, and Crimes. It felt like home for him. Something he was looking for in the darkness, to which he found in the light. 

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