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The National Warlord



Czypsych grew up in Liberty City, He spent most of his life working at a hunting lodge that his family owned. When he became an adult he had gotten a job at the club as a bouncer. His job was easy for the most part the only recurring issue of drunks trying to get frisky with the bartenders or trying to be billy badass. He knew how to fight and everyone knew it. Eventually, he met a man by the name of Jason Carter who was a member of the Underground Fightclub he was eventually able to talk Psych into coming out and seeing the fights. He learned real quick that there was good money in winning. As he watched the fights he had heard a bunch of people talking about the "Levels". The way the Liberty City Fight Night worked was there were three levels, you had the Bronze, Silver and the Gold. you had to work your way up to gold and then if you were strong enough you could defeat the LCFN Champion Terry Thorne and win the title plus $250k.  


He entered the ring and within a couple of months, he had made a name for himself. He had become one of the top fighters in the ring. He quickly made his way up to gold, everyone that got in that ring knew that they were up for a fight. Eventually, It came to the point where there was no one left to be beaten but one. The only catch to getting the fight against Terry Thorne was Psych had to come up with $100k to put up. Eventually, a man by the name of Jacob Sharpe came up to him and offered him the money as long as he received half of the winning money. Psych was confused as to why this man would do this, Jacob mentioned that he was the President of the Lost MC Broker, Liberty City Chapter and that he's looking for people to help the Lost set up a couple of Chapters in San Andreas. He also said that they need fighters and good ones. 

Psych entered the ring with Terry Thorne and it was one of the longest fights that Psych had ever been in but in the end at 13 minutes Psych was able to hit Terry with a jawbreaking punch putting Terry down and out. Jacob took Psych to his clubhouse in Broker to celebrate his victory. While he was there he was introduced to the National President Johnny Klebitz who was going to be one of the people starting a chapter in Blaine County, San Andreas. After the party was over Jacob brought Psych into a room where he saw his friend Jason who also was wearing a Lost MC cut. While he was there he heard Johnny talking about the plan to open up three Chapters in San Andreas.


Johnny would open up the one in Blaine County, Jacob would open up one in North Chumash and Jason would open one up in East Vinewood. after everyone stopped talking Psych asked why he needed to be there and Johnny Klebitz offered him a prospect position and an opportunity to fly to San Andreas and help start the Lost MC in SA, Psych agreed and boarded a plane to San Andreas. Within a couple of years, Psych had made a name for himself as a dedicated warrior and had earned his position as Vice President with the Lost MC East Vinewood Chapter under his best Friend Jason. everything was going nice but then Psych had started to notice what the Lost was turning into. there were members beating a woman, the club had gotten deep into drug use and running underground brothels with girls as young as 16. Psych wasn't happy with the club anymore, He went to say something at church but before he could Jason made the Announcement that Johnny Klebitz had been murdered by a psycho Redneck and that the Blaine County chapter had been cut down to a few guys. 

Psych told Jason that the Lost needed to fix itself before they went on a warpath. Jason refused to listen and insisted in attacking all of the crews in San Andreas. The Lost was losing more than it was gaining. When Psych tried to tell Jason again, Jason put a knife to his throat and told him never to question his authority. A few hours had passed and Jason had decided to lead a group of members out to attack a club known as the Gorilla Kings MC, His reasoning behind it was that there was information that the VP used to be a Lost MC member but had an altercation and ended up wiping half of the Tudor, LC chapter out and left. Now that Jason knew he was here he wanted to start yet another war with another crew like they didn't have enough going on already.


Psych managed to catch up to Jason before he made it to the Gorilla Kings clubhouse and told Jason to stop this madness and that all he's heard about the GKMC was that they are a money making club, not a club that goes seeking a war. When some of the other members agreed with Psych and tried to leave Jason shot them all in the back, then the remaining Lost members tried to take Jason down but was killed in the process. Psych tried once more to get Jason to calm down and to relax but in the end, Psych ended up stabbing a combat knife into Jason's throat. After that, he threw his cut in a fire barrel outside of his house and left the Lost once and for all. 

A year had passed and Psych wanted to feel like he was part of a brotherhood again so he went to the Gorilla Kings MC. He introduced himself to the Founder and National President Evil. Evil was unsure of him at first given the fact that he used to be a member of the Lost. But still allowed Psych to prospect, a lot of people were unsure how they felt about him but in time he proved himself. He worked his way up to Sgt At Arms and then Vice President of the Sandy Shores Chapter and then he worked his way up to the National table as the National Road Captain. With the guidance and teaching from Evil, Red, and Dotson, Psych has moved even higher in the ranks to National Enforcer and has been one of the few to earn himself a silverback patch. Psych has now become a Senior Officer with the club, as the Warlord of the Gorilla Kings MC.

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