National Service Log book 07-07-19

National Service Log Book

July 7, 2019

Called to order at 20:33 EST

1. Roll Call

Evil Present

Dotson sited prior engagement

Psych Present

Red sited prior engagement

Vato settling in with move

Bum Present

Fitty Present

Kush Present

Guest: Slac Paleto Bay President, Matt Pillbox President 

2. Major Points

a. Valentine Camp Formation - Review detailed summation here. b. We have agreed to war terms with GEMC, no patch taking, no business destroying. Other clubs are fair game if they come at us. c. Check out the club youtube page, subscribe…to get in video ride near Evil and contact him to show interest. d. Riding Formations have to be worked on, road captains need to work on that…Psych can help while Vato, National Road Captain is away. e. Join on Evil's lag logs, there is a lot of money to be made. f. Help do sales to set up for Casino DLC (Irro made over 12 mil in one week)

3. Psych (National Warlord) Report

a. Event went good, Joker won the Truck show b. Will let club know about next Sundays event by Wednesday c. Went to war with an old enemy, sure they will come back d. Don’t constantly talk over others, it will be called out and corrected by leadership

4. Bum (National Treasurer) Report

a. If you need help hit Bum up, he is always down to support.

5. Fitty (National Secretary) Report

a. Welcome the new patch overs at the Valentine Camp

b. New Gorilla Gangs page is going on to site so send over head shots of your RDO characters

c. Reply to communications on PSN, especially from National Table

d. Site is going well and reddit activity has picked up

7. Kush (National Tailgunner) Report

a. Make sure you clean up friends list and get people out whoever might have beef with the club, its a security issue.

8. Slac (President) Paleto Bay Charter Report

a. Working on rides, wants to get with psych about this week’s event. Before or after services Paleto will be doing some rides.

b. Thanks for backing up Joker when he was attacked by GEMC.

9. Matt (President) Pillbox Hill Charter Report

a. Road captain position to be filled within 2 weeks

b. Charter bike has been updated, see the site.

c. Some upcoming new prospects

10. Membership Review

a. no current Prospects up for review

b. a new batch of HAs are around though

11. Upcoming Events

a.  No events announced

Called adjourned at 20:59 EST

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