Pillbox Hill Service Log book 26.6.19

Pillbox Service Log Book

June 26, 2019

Called to order at 21:00 DST

1. Roll Call

Hatter Present

Luuti Present

Linkke sited prior engagement

Guest: Fitty National Secretary 

2. Major Points

a. Back to basics and moving towards official club image Chain of command rules will be followed and monitored with close focus. An example is the highest ranking member of the lobby will have first turn to do sales and if a patch member has sales and there is table member in same session, its required to ask them first if they have stuff to do, before jumping to your own too hasty.

b. Club Web Page and importance of refreshing memory with bylaws  and member titles to new and also for old members and pop quiz for n00bz ( quality check ) Hangarounds, Prospects (especially) and all other members are expected to go through bylaws and all table spots on our website to refresh your memory and make sure you are giving correct guidance for who ever needs it and hangarounds/prospects will be tested with random pop quizzes.

c. Changes in Pillbox Service activity has been a dissapointment, hangarounds prospect and patch members are a lot more active than table members. Only 30% of table members were taking part in service and table members are one most crucial things. Inactive table member is same as empty seat and could possibly reserve a spot which some active patch member could fill with success.

d. Pillbox table in the future Pillbox opened first table spot, Road Captain. All table spots are invite only, leaders will ask you, you shouldn't ask them. Dont expect order to start putting commitment towards a title or freebies on a table spot, but rather start doing some of the duties in what you are interested in and let the work do the talking. All efforts will get noticed even we might not be playing 24/7.

e. Lobby behavior in public and at special events Event Leader and Club Leadership has priority in services and in the event. There are members who actually want to listen, hear and understand the orders given, so as to execute them to their best ability. All other members are suppose to get in line, be quiet and wait for orders. A yelling circus just ruins everything. Also gunplay is not allowed in official club stuff.

f. Crew Killing All crew killings outside of events are strictly forbidden, some members are working really hard to keep their current KD or improve it. For example if they want to work towards requirements of being a Guerilla

g. Formation driving Commonsense is our first advised when formation riding, the person in front of you, are not to be used as brakes. If you are uncertain of braking or the turning point, it's better to keep a couple extra yards of distance than ramming them.

h. New hangarounds how to react in lobbies? As Full Patch Member / Table Member its your obligation to monitor the actions of hangarounds and prospects, and to point them in the right way. Only one guy is needed to do this, it does not mean 6 guys will go hauling ass and pointing guns against one person. As hangaround / prospect its your obligation to follow the actions and movements of the group and pay attention to activities. And hangarounds and prospects should automatically be the first ones to help patch do sales without needing a reminder.

3. Upcoming Events

a.  In need of road captain to plan these events.

Meeting adjourned at 21:30 DST

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