Notable Table Restructuring

Notable Table Restructuring Memo

June 16, 2019

TO: Club Officers, Patch Members and Prospects

FROM: National President Evil

SUBJECT: Table Restructuring

We have been in need of shaking things up a bit and bringing some more life back to the club and our activities. That starts at the tables, getting people into the proper roles, making sure people can fulfill their commitments and we support each other. I along with the rest of the Senior National Officers and Charter Presidents have made some major changes at all the tables. Here are the notable changes;

  • Fitty is being promoted to the National Table as our new official Secretary (of Hate).

  • Red will be moving back into a table seat, as National Enforcer.

  • Vato will be transitioning into the National Road Captain seat.

  • Kush is taking over the National Tailgunner seat.

  • Swagg and Kisler are moving away from the National Table to go support over at Paleto Bay as Road Captain and Tailgunner respectively.

  • Daevas is moving up into the Enforcer role at Paleto Bay

  • Truck is transitioning from the Pillbox table over to Paleto Bay where he will be moving into the role of Secretary.

  • At Pillbox, President Hatter has pushed to open up various roles for new and upcoming members to really earn their way in. The charter has grown since its opening and is now big enough for people to really fall into the positions that make sense for them. Currently open positions are; Enforcer, Road Captain, Treasurer, Secretary and Tailgunner.

The club has gotten away from our roots too much and I want some dedication shown by tables, myself, and patch members. We need growth, because without it we die out.

Gorilla Nation for Life,


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