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NAtional Road Captin



From the harsh frozen lands of north Finland, Luuti's first half of his life was hard. Surviving was key so he found himself involved in the massively growing drug businesses in his area. Luuti was very street smart and could deal with most of what was needed of him in the dope game. After a while, it got increasingly dangerous. Junkies and snitches made it very hard for Luuti's small businesses to boom. Luuti gave his situation much thought and decided to sell his small business and try to make it work elsewhere.

Luuti found himself traveling to America with the money he made from Selling up. San Andreas was his destination. Luuti soon started to get his dope business up and running again but it came with difficulties. He wasn't known or trusted in San Andreas. Traveling around the city and making his way into parties around the city he was selling but was not enough to keep him afloat. Trouble soon found Luuti when he unknowingly entered a party run by the cartel. He was forced out, beat up, threatened and was warned.

Turning his attention to biker clubs as there were many around and there was money to be made. Luuti got himself invited to a club gathering at Pillbox hill, it was huge, with many clubs involved. It wasn't long before Luuti found trouble again when a few drunken bikers decided to try and take Luuti's product without payment which in turn started Luuti's rage. And a brawl broke out. A booming voice came from across the yard. 'take that bullshit elsewhere' it was EVIL, National President of the Gorillas Kings MC.

Evil took Luuti to his clubhouse away from the party, there were plenty of discussions and learnings for Luuti. With his skills in the drug business, Evil offered him a chance to work for the club. Luuti could not refuse the deal, it was too sweet. After many business transactions and money earned. Luuti himself had earned the trust and loyalty of the Gorilla Kings and got a patch on his back. Now Luuti is at the Pillbox hill charter as vice president.

There's a whole new concept of dope dealing now Luuti is around.

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