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Pillbox Hill Sergeant at Arms



Linkke grew up in the southern part of Finland, as a young kid he did not have a care in the world. Where there was a party, there he was. He became really well known in the party scene and loved music so much he decided to chase his dream to become a professional DJ and be number 1 in the world.


As a young rookie DJ, he had dreams of big stages and huge crowd chanting his name. Soon he realized just playing music for local people in a small country like Finland was not going to get him his dream.


Linkke was doing all he could to promote his career as a DJ, he kept sending tapes to radios scouts and even for bigger record labels. He was almost ready to give up because his work did not fit well with the Finnish party audience when he got a lucky break.


One day he got a phone call from well-known scout who was looking for professional DJs to tour the world and play music in the biggest and best places in the world at San Andreas, the only catch was he had to invest a huge amount of money for touring equipment and expenses before leaving Finland behind.


He was offered an opportunity to be a DJ with Dixie Brothers as his warm-up artist, he packed his stuff and sold everything that he could not take with him with big dreams to start new high life being the most popular DJ.


After he got to San Andreas and took a huge loan to make it all happen, life had other plans, the scout who made a contract with him was a fraud and took all his money, destroying his dream. He was also now on the top of loan sharks list to pay up or else.


He was almost ready to accept the losses to save his life and go back to Finland and decided to have one big party blast before leaving and in that party, he met his old friend from Finland LuutiRake.


He explained what has been going down to his old friend and revealed his plans to go back home. LuutiRake was so happy to see his old homie and did not want his friend to go down without a fight. Luuti explained the opportunities in San Andreas.


Linkke liked his friend’s plan on how to still make his dream come true, all his debts will be paid and all torpedos after him will be taken care of, the only condition required was he had to join a bigger group to make all this happen. At this point Linkke did not know what his friend had plans for him, next morning he got a phone call from Luuti who said “I’m part of Gorilla Kings MC and after explaining your situation to our National President Evil, we would like you to join us for our next GKMC party. 


He was so unfamiliar with this walk of life of being 1% biker and was not sure what to expect and without any guarantees, he went to the party. And after the party was over he was so impressed with all the help and love he got from this group, that he made up his mind to join GKMC and fight for his dream. That train is still moving forward Gorilla Style!

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