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The name explains it all. A master grower, seller, engineer, artisan and imbiber, Kush knows his weed. His story wasn't always so cushy, however. He started out his life in the lovely North Yankton, in a rough and tumble neighborhood. In his younger days, his family struggled to keep the bills paid, keeping him painfully aware of the value of a dollar. As any ingenious young man would do in his situation, he took small jobs washing cars, cutting the grass, landscaping, and working in the greenhouses.

Growing up in modern times and in a lower income area, marijuana was everywhere. All his friends smoked, so naturally, he found himself in numerous opportunities to partake. After a few years of smoking half his pay away, he decided to try his hand at growing to help save cash. His greenhouse experience really showed during his initial setup. He had finally found something he was good at. He tried to come up with ways to make money legitimately but he couldn't find the right chances. Kush decided to try selling his pot to his buddies. Just enough to get ahead.


His friends loved his shit. The bought it faster than he could produce. Soon he had a backorder log of people asking for his cheeba. He had to step up his game. He built 3 more grow houses and hired on 6 people o sell for him. Things couldn't be going better for Kush. He liked the feeling of having folding money in his pocket. He paid all the bills now. He provided for his family. He was growing at an alarming rate. He knew soon the pigs would be no-knocking his door. Fortunately for him, that never came… because Yankton voted in recreational Marijuana use for all its citizens, to help finance improvements across the city.


This has unforeseen repercussions for Kush. Business licenses, dispensaries, taxes, payroll… but he got an accountant and a business manager to help him set up. Before his first shop opened doors, he had a visit from The Lost MC, representing another local weed grower. They kicked in his door, destroyed all his equipment and set the house ablaze. If this wasn’t unfortunate enough, Kush didn't believe in banks and kept all his cash inside his home. It all went up in smoke, as it were. Kush wouldn't take this lying down, however.


One of Kushes most loyal customers was a man named Rehtra. Senior VP for the Gorilla Kings MC. He knew what had to be done to counteract and retaliate against The Lost. He called Rethra and gave him the long and short of the situation. Since the GKMC already had beef with The Lost, it only made sense for them to work together.

Evil, GKMC National President,  and Rethra paid for Kush to relocate to Los Santos on the condition he worked for the crew and shared profits in exchange for protection and membership. He readily agreed and start working on the GKMC specific strains, Cut grasses, Stop laughing, and The Silverback.  All were great profit makers, and set the club up financially to expand into Counterfeit Cash, Coke and Meth, eventually leading into nightclubs and gunrunning.


Within a few months, Kush was back on top and retaliation was planned. The entire North Yankton chapter of the lost came up missing and Kush never needed fertilizer again. Kush now helps prospects get on their feet and has one of the largest filled FIREPROOF safes in LS.

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