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Paleto Bay

Tail Gunner



There is not much known about the Gorilla King's Tailgunner Kistler's past, the only one that knows who he really is and where he comes from is National President Evil, but he keeps it close to his chest.


Sometimes when he's drunk he'll tell stories about growing up in Dukes Liberty City and how tuff you had to be if you were from his neighborhood but then he'd usually break off into a distant stare. It kind of freak most brothers out, so they honestly never press him. 


He just finished doing 10 years in Alderney state penitentiary, where he was released due to lack of evidence on his retrial. To start fresh he moved to Los Santos to see if he could reinvent himself a bit. A convicted murderer and drug dealer he isn't afraid to show his worth and holds his GK brothers above all others.


Usually, if the club needs something or someone taken care of, Kistler is who they call in no questions asked. He's always glad to "help".

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