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Jillian has always been a bit wild and growing up her parents quickly decided they couldn’t handle her and forced her into therapy and eventually forcing her into a psychiatric hospital, Arkham Asylum.


As a teenager, she always found a way to sneak out but on her 18th birthday, they were finally able to use an experimental treatment on her. But the doctors administered the wrong dosage and it caused an even deeper psychological break.


Becoming more violent and full of rage she ended up killing a dozen hospital staff members, laughing all the way, giving her the nickname of the Joker Killer, or Joker for short.


Running from the law she started traveling cross country, trying to find a place to call home. Eventually, she found herself in a bar in San Andreas, where she started playing pool with a biker named Slac. They hit it off immediately and became instant friends.


Halfway into their game, a biker crew busted into the bar with knives looking for Slac. Without even really knowing him, Joker jumped into the fight and started bashing heads, Slac was impressed. Suddenly one of the bikers snuck out from behind the bar and thrust a knife at Slac’s back but Joker jumped in front of it and took the knife in her side instead. Pulling it out, she took it straight to the bikers neck and it was lights out.


Slac rushed Joker to his clubhouse where the MC doctor stitched her up. Impressed with how she got down with him at the bar, Slac told Joker she could hang at the clubhouse as long as she liked…and she never left. Since then she has proven her loyalty and while she still does some vicious and crazy shit, Slac couldn’t imagine anyone else by his side. She then took the role as the Paleto Bay Vice President, number #2 to Slac himself. Eventually she migrated to Vinewood, currently residing as President of her own chapter. After proving herself a stong leader, she was also promoted to National Road Captain. 

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