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National Vice President



No one knows exactly when Crimes first arrived in Los Santos, just that one day he was seen in the back parking lot of The Vanilla Unicorn in Strawberry running a dice game.

After only a year he had already accumulated well over a million dollars. With the casino still taking forever to open and the city's inhabitants thirsty for action, cash was flowing in that parking lot.

Through Nikki, a dancer at the club, Crimes met Roy Buckley the Mayor of Paleto Bay, a small town in Blaine county in Northern San Andreas. Mayor Buckley was a horrible gambler and he quickly was heavily in debt to Crimes.

Mayor Buckley tried to make a deal with The Families to eliminate Crimes, As he was operating on their turf, they decided to get involved and a meeting was arranged to negotiate a settlement between Crimes and the Mayor. The real intention was to murder Crimes and get a piece of the Blaine County Savings Bank that was supposed to be his payoff for the debt.

As soon as they were all in the parking lot they all saw how Crimes had managed to survive alone all this time. He wasn't alone. His twin sister stepped out into the light and quickly shot everyone but the Mayor who shrieked “We're supposed to negotiate!!!” She stepped back again into the shadows saying “I prefer to negotiate after everyone's dead”. Crimes took the briefcase from Buckley's shaking hand and walked into the Unicorn to grab a drink and think of what his next move should be now that he had to get out of the city and away from The Families territory. If only there was a way to relocate up North in Paleto Bay.

Sitting at the bar was a biker, A biker named Luuti, he sat down next to him and introduced himself. Luuti told Crimes what it meant to be a Gorilla, and that he wouldn't have to walk alone anymore if he was one of them. He was all in. Crimes has continued to rack up the profits, and his sister still appears on occasion for a bit of the ultra-violence as a Paleto Bay chapter has begun. Crimes legacy as a Gorilla has progressed to him leading Paleto Bay as President, and he has been promoted to National Vice President after proving his dedication to the crew. 

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