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Born in San Andreas on Mount Chiliad. Bum grew up poor but always made it by with what he had his mother died while he was very young and he never met his father. His Uncle raised him but his uncle was a different kind of man. His uncle ran a community built in the mountain that later became a fort. They didn’t allow any outsiders and they didn’t like it when people left the community either. Bum was always curious as to what the outside life was like but didn’t want to go against his community due to the fact that everyone that tried to leave would be killed before they made it off the mountain.

Bum helped with the hunting and farming for the community. Eventually, his uncle started teaching him about guns of the automatic variety, community business and tried teaching him how to lead. But no matter how more involved he became, he still wanted to leave. He eventually snuck off and went to Los Santos. He started a life there, learning how to work on low riders at Benny's Garage. He spent a lot of years in LS learning as the days went on. Then he heard on the news that the government had decided to push the community off of the mountain. Bum packed his back and decided to go back.

When Bum arrived at the gates his uncle told him that he wasn’t welcomed there anymore. Bum told them that the army was on its way to fight them off the mountain. They all armed up and prepared for the biggest battle they had ever seen. Bum climbed into the tower on the wall and started to peep through the scope on his rifle, in the bushes he spotted a soldier working his way towards the walls. Bum fired a shot, hitting the soldier in the neck. As soon as the soldier's body hit the ground bullets started flying through the air. The Army and county sheriffs were swarming the community. Bum watched as everyone he grew up with was getting shot down. Then they drove a truck through the gates and began to enter the Community. Bum started to find cover, but when he did, he found his uncle bleeding out. His uncle told him to get out while he still had a chance. Bum was able to make it over the wall and fled into the woods.

A few months had passed and bum had been hiding out in the woods at the bottom of the mountain. He had noticed that a group of people was moving into the building down in Paleto Bay. He had noticed a bunch of bikers had been riding in and out of the parking lot. He went down to meet with them and everybody had welcomed him in and even gave him drinks while listening to his story. Everybody got along with Bum and in the end, he became a member of their community. Within time he had been promoted to Vice President of their Sandy Shores Chapter. Once the Sandy Shores charter was closed during a club reformation, Bum was invited to the National Table for his leadership skills, as the official Deputy (traditionally Treasurer)  of the Gorilla Kings M.C. and while he has since stepped down, he continues to be a leader in the GK Nation.



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