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The National President



Broken homes and broken bones, bad luck is all Evil has ever known.  His lucky number is 13, and he isn't afraid of dying. He's a man of violence and the occasional heroin bender. An abandoned child of an alcoholic father and indifferent mother, he broke free stealing his father's old broken down Karin Rebel, he ran west from Atlanta to find his home in Del Perro Beach. 


A master of pickpocketing and lockpicking, he soon found his way into the motorcycle and rockabilly culture. Jacking cars and bikes, stripping them and building custom rods and choppers out of the parts, He found an in with an unnamed club. 


He started out as a member of an MC turning wrenches and collecting payments, climbing the ranks slowly but surely. From prospect to patched, to Treasurer, to Enforcer, to chapter VP, He's been everywhere.


It was time for Evil to move on and make his own moves, and when the opportunity presented itself, he left on good terms. They split territory and agreed on a no hostility treaty. It was time. The Gorilla Kings formed August 29th, 2017 with 3 other members from the same crew, all ended up washing out after not having the same cutthroat attitude as Evil. He eats his freezer pizzas straight out the oven, without letting them cool.


He now spends his time making sure the explosive personalities of his crew are directed at the right places and not at each other, and bringing in fresh blood to keep the product moving. Evil has branched the club out to many different enterprises, from drugs and guns, extortion, murder, kidnapping, chop shops, and the tastiest macarons this side of Paris.

Being married for 20 plus years to the same woman who always supports him through the hard times and the bad make things a bit easier for him, as we all know he'd be dead by now otherwise, no one survives the extra hot cheese for long.



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